Pussy Galore Tracking Cuff Links

Get your filthy mind out of the gutter!  If you’ve ever dreamt of the exciting world of espionage or marvelled at the James Bond gadgetry then these Brookstone Wi-Fi Cufflinks are just what you are looking for as you’d never need to search for a wireless internet hotspot ever again.

James Bond

If Bond…James Bond had these he would have found, villains, Pussy Galore and Gold Finger at a simple shuffle of his Turnbull & Asser shirt.

Ravi Ratan designed these cufflinks for Brookstone, the up-market US gifts retailer, and they have proven to have a practical.  These polished silver cufflinks feature 2GB USB storage plus they provide their own WiFi hotspot to multiple devices!  They can be used to share data and Internet access between: smartphones, tablets, laptops, and just about anything else that’s USB or wireless compatible.  Many modern tablets have built in wireless capabilities, but not all of them, and the same goes for laptops too.  



Brookstone Wi-Fi Cufflinks




Not too long ago I replaced my broadband company and was without broadband for about a week whilst I arranged for the new provider to hook me up.  In order to continue to blog and access the internet I had to hook my USB data cable into my mobile phone and hard drive.  This process, known as tethering, effectively turned my mobile phone into a modem and allowed me to access the internet via my PC.  Though I was thankful it was slow and would often disconnect from the internet.  I think these cufflinks would have been a better and faster alternative to tethering.

I can see these being used by travelling sales people who give regular presentations without knowing what internet capabilities are available from one office to the next.  Also, let’s not be snobbish here in the west because many countries in other corners of the world may find this technology as a potential solution to their limited internet access.


And Finally…


If you have a need to get Pussy Galore, in the real sense of the word, then I’m sure you can discretely arrange something.  Just be careful when yanking off your cufflinks – you wouldn’t want to ruin them in your eagerness to access your hotspot.  Just be careful because these aren’t cheap, they retail for $249.00!!!



So what do you think about these Brookstone Wi-Fi Cufflinks?  Overrated or worthy of praise? Leave a comment on this or anything else you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.


4 responses to “Pussy Galore Tracking Cuff Links”

  1. Shulamit says:

    wow! those are frigging awesome. I want a pair.. Always wanted to be a hot kickass super spy 🙂

    • stylishmrgordon says:

       @Shulamit Hello Shulamit,
      Thanks for stopping by…I appreciate it and you know we love your website here at TSMG.  
      If I track down a pair of these I’ll meet you at the rendezvous.  This message will self-destruct in 5,4,3,2……

  2. Awesome gadget. I would always love to have a pair of it!

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