Berry Gordy? Maybe

With men’s fashion taking the plunge into playing with colours  The Stylish Mr Gordon decided to demonstrate how men could incorporate colour into their wardrobe.  

Berry Who, Chuck What?



I’m no Chuck Berry or Berry Gordy for that matter, but with a few pounds I still seem to demonstrate that I have style to put me on par with multi millionaires.  More often than not, I regularly get asked where I got this pair of Berry-coloured trousers.  I purchased them in Uniqlo in Wandsworth, London for £4. I took them to my tailors and had him work his magic for an extra £5.  So here you have stylish trousers for a mere £9.  This is not just Swagger, this is London Swagger!

This photo shoot was really about showing how bright colours can easily be incorporated into a man’s wardrobe.  I deliberately wore two contrasting brightly coloured pieces together to show how easy it is to still look stylish whilst keeping up to speed with the big fashion trend at the moment which is items in brightly coloured hue’s.  Click on the images below:



Though this look was thrown together I have used a number of accessories to help to make this outfit look unique.  Burgundy TM Lewin socks tied in nicely with the Berry H&M trousers as did the floral print on the handkerchief not to mention the Hackett Skinny Bow Tie.

The Black and Gold Topman Blazer tied in well with the Black Gold VelvetChurch’s slippers and the gold Boeing sunglasses.

Also, I used several blue accessories which I think complimented my shirt.  My Blue plastic watch and Ring watch added an element of masculinity and quirkiness to the ensemble.  The colours were both fantastic and were noticeable but not in a cheesy way.  I threw in my Swaine Adeney BriggUmbrella simply because it was blue and matched my holdall bag.


TSMG: Stylish As Usual



Here’s What I’m Wearing:


Sunglasses: Boeing 5701

Shirt: John Francomb Turquoise Rovereto shirt from TM Lewin (bought on staff discount)

Trousers: Uniqlo Berry trousers (reduced to £4)

Watches: U-Boat and Blue plastic Champion watch

Blazer: Velvet blazer Bought from Topman (Oxford Street) I added Gold Buttons for Bling appeal

Rings: Blue Watch Ring bought from Topman and other rings bought from 20pence children’s vending machine.

Bow Tie: Bought from Hackett (Regent Street)

Shoes: Church’s Sovereign slippers

Umbrella: Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrella donated to me by my neighbour (they have a royal warrant and normally sell for around £235 cha-ching!!!)




So What do you think of what The Stylish Mr Gordon is wearing? Overrated or worthy of praise?  Leave a comment on this or anything else you’d like to add. We’d love to hear your view.

10 responses to “Berry Gordy? Maybe”

  1. Miss Rudo says:

    Well Mr Gordon, I think you look great and Gok has a thing or two to learn from you. Very affordable look for us. My year old son is watching you closely for style!

    • admin says:

      Hi Miss Rudo,

      Thank you very much for the compliment…I will be careful to not let it go to my head LOL.

      Rest assured you can always visit for style tips for the young man. Dress them while they are young and I am sure he will not wear troussers past his backside…or nappies for that matter!

      Thanks and keep in touch.

  2. I wouldn’t change anything at your style. Just love it.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rossana,

      Thank you very much for for getting in touch and for the compliment.

      Make sure you keep following and if there is a style you think I can look at in more detail please let me know.

      Thanks and keep in touch.

  3. I love the new background. It rocks! Oh AND CHECK OUT MY NEW COMMENT SYSTEM!

  4. LydiaU says:

    I like the way that TSMG wear some clothes that you wouldn’t think that you could wear into a really nice style such as the berry trousers. I like the bow tie as well. You never cease to amaze me with your style ideas! Keep it up xx

    • admin says:

      Hi LydiaU,

      Thank you very much for the nice comments. Well I am not obsessed by clothes, I just seem to have a knack of choosing something which many people wouldn’t and it turns out to be well received. I’ll continue doing more of the same so please keep in touch.

    nice … love it. subtle way of incorporating colour into one’s wardrobe. loving it . i would have named “feel my bling” as “blue lantern” tho…lol

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