Men in Mirts

Robing Hood: Men in Tights was supposed to be a spoof of the Robin Hood films.  However, several recent fashion runways have taken that notion and decided to stretch it by featuring Men in more than just tights.  The Stylish Mr Gordon looks a little closer at this fashion trend.

Recent New York City runways have paraded men dressed in items inspired by what’s in women’s closets – from mirts (skirts for men) to murses (man-purses) to meggings (jean leggings).

Fort Wayne fashion designer Anton Babich, 25, says he thinks younger men are increasingly using fashion as women always have – to express their personalities, even if that means getting in touch with their feminine side.

Men in Mirts

Who Wear’s The Pants?

Why Go Feminine?

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Dawn DeSanto of Fort Wayne, a clothing designer and owner of the women’s art/fashion line Hand Jive, answers it with another: Why not?

After all, she says, women have been borrowing from men’s styles for years.

Think pin-striped suits, DeSanto says.  Tweed jackets.  Houndstooth and herringbone fabrics.  Trousers, vests, ties, fedoras.

But DeSanto and otherFortWayne-area fashion cognoscenti say the answer may also be a little more complicated – with men’s styles being influenced by the loosening of social and cultural conventions and fashion industry realities.

Look At Me!

Conan O’Brien Wearing Man-Jeggins

Chris Lambert, who recently bought the traditionalist Andrew Davis Menswear shop in Fort Wayne, said:

Send men in impeccably tailored suits down the runway and everyone snoozes. Send down a man in a skirt, and cameras flash and pirated cellphone videos go viral.

“A lot of times with runway fashion, the thing is to create shock and awe,” he says. “It’s to catch the eye, to get known. How much of that translates into finished garments or garments that men actually wear remains to be seen.”

Recently, the likes of Lil Wayne and Conan O’Brien have been seen sporting meggings.  Though this is a new trend I can’t see too many men will want to be seen to be wearing leggings or skirts.





So what do you think of Mirts and Meggins? Overrated or worthy of praise?  Leave a comment on this or anything else you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.




2 responses to “Men in Mirts”

  1. Brad Starks says:

    As I’m in Maui right now, I have to say I rock this look about once or twice a week. I’ve also worn Pareos or Sarongs in NYC during the hot summer. I have to say that if you have the right sandals and linen shirt to go with it, you’ll get some great attention from the ladies. I get mine at Urban Outfitters and look for subtle island print.

    • Brad,

      You have worn pareos and sarongs in NYC? If you have a picture you have to send this to us – we’d love to see this. All I can say is eat your heart out David Beckham.

      As always – thanks for the comment.

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