Me Likes Ladylike

Roll over 2012 the 50’s are back !  As we tip-toe into spring, after the long winter, we prepare ourselves for the return of the 1950’s fashion trend (give me two thumbs up and a Fonzie ‘Ayyy’).  The  50’s  will be hugely popular in 2012, in part owing to the success of last year’s British biographical film ‘My Weekend with Marilyn’.  

All aspects of that decade will be popular from the youthful look captured by Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in Grease to the more sophisticated ladylike look of many silver screen starlets of that time.   I have to admit ‘Me likes ladylike‘  (excuse my broken English, but it made me smile) so that will be my focus here.


What is Ladylike?


The definition of ladylike seems to centre  around a women’s  femininity and conducting herself in a prim and proper way, of course:


  • becoming or suitable to a lady
  • resembling a lady in appearance or manners : well bred
Often a central, but not exclusive, theme of the ladylike fashion is some type of collar and sleeve detail.   For example the Peter Pan collar,  as demonstrated  on the Louis Vuitton image below, shows an exaggerated lace collar in that style.


Butter Wouldn’t Melt…


It was thought that the ladylike trend would never catch on with celebrities because they all preferred to don sexy dresses.   However, it appears that celebrities all over are embarrassing their feminine side and are unexpectedly sporting ladylike dresses in abundance.  A-list celebs such as: Rihanna, Eva Mendes, Christina Ricci, Minnie Driver, Michelle Williams etcetra have all been spotted flaunting this trend recently.   Alexa Chung (pictured below) looks like a picturesque English Rose and why wouldn’t she after all she looks as if butter wouldn’t melt!





So what do you think of the Ladylike trend? Overrated or worthy of praise?  Leave a comment on this or anything else you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.

6 responses to “Me Likes Ladylike”

  1. Shulamit says:

    Its my fave trend and I am constantly writing about it.. You should check out the American show Pan Am. That show is spilling over wit fashion. I now wear headwraps and turbans. Can’t wait to get the clothes to match. 
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. stylishmrgordon says:

    Hello Shulamit,
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time leave a comment.   I think women look so classy in this ladylike trend…it’s not always about showing off everything.  I will check out the show you recommended…thanks for the info 🙂

  3. Nollywood says:

    I love the Frieda Pinto dress… very classy and girly! I love the ladylike look… I guess because I am the epitome of what is ladylike! Great post. I shall be back for sure!

  4. Kane007 says:

    I agree with Nollywood, the Frieda Pinto dress is really stunning!! 😉

    • stylishmrgordon says:

       @Kane007 Good to see you commenting.  I think I am in agreement with you and Nollywood – that dress is fantastic!

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