55 Inches to Make Her Eye Up Your Manhood

In some quarters the necktie has been consigned to a place at the very back of the wardrobe and viewed as a relic from the past.  However, I love wearing neckties and besides there is more to them than just stylish decoration around your neck.  In fact did you know that this little item can really help make females blush?

The necktie is in the shape of a phallic symbol which in itself represents male fertility and the male sexual organ.  This little decorative item points downwards towards the groin in the same way that your…erm lets just say crown Jewels (wink wink nudge nudge)  points downwards, except when it’s time for some How’s your father!  Chances are that if when a woman is complementing your necktie she has taken a quick peek at the jewels too!

How To Wear A Necktie


How Long Is Too Long?


The standard length of a necktie is usually 57-59 inches.  This is a good length when you are making a Windsor knot or a four in hand knot.  The majority of the times you have enough material to make the triangle of the front blade sit  just above the belt or trouser waistband.  Under all circumstances you must avoid making your necktie too long because this phallic symbol points down to no other than, that’s right…your crown jewels.  Therefore, your necktie is in fact a large decorative arrow diverting women’s eyes to your sexual fertility.  A correctly worn necktie is probably like a natural p%#is enhancement for certain guys because it is getting women to look at that special place! The two diagrams here show the acceptable lengths of a necktie.

The tip of the necktie should be no shorter than the tip of the waistband or no longer than the bottom of the waistband as demonstrated by these images.


Make Her Blush With 55 Inches


Currently, my preference is the simple knot which is also favoured by HRH The Prince of Wales.   This knot uses the least amount of material because it is very simple and neat.  If you wish to wear your necktie correctly then don’t have the tip too long nor too short.  The problem with the simple knot is that you can have excess material thereby having a longer rear blade – which is a definite no no.  As I am an ardent supporter of Broke Bespoke I have started taking my neckties to a decent tailor for a slight adjustment.  My tailor opens up one of the two seams from the tie’s middle part and cuts away a proportion and then skilfully sews everything back together. I was told never to simply cut short the rear blade of the necktie.

You will find that a correctly fitted necktie will hypnotize your female colleagues…after all 55 inches is more than enough to make any girl blush.



How To Wear A Necktie

In Closing

The size of a necktie is a personal to the individual, what Iwould say is experiment with a few different tie knots to establish which best suit your height.

So how do you wear your neckties?  Leave a comment on this or anything you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.

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  1. LydiaU says:

    What about the old kipper ties,are they back soon as well?Lol! Didn’t realise that what these neck ties are for!!However, I like these neck ties , they are nice and elegant.

    • Hello Lydia,

      I have heard that when the Skinny neckties were famous in the 60’s this was immediately followed by the famous Kipper style neckties. As fashion often repeats itself I’d say hold on to your Kipper ties – they may just come in handy any time now 🙂

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