A Real Country Gent

2012 has been an eventful year for many reasons, but TSMG is happy to be taking photographs to display on my website again.  I wore a green pair of trousers and Wellington boots some time ago and decided that this look would be the inspiration for my next photo-shoot: A country gent.  I’ve decided not to wear the boots on this occassion, but hopefully I’ve managed to pull off the look I had in mind


Dressed T the T for Tassel


The inspiration for this photo-shoot was to bring about a contemporary version of a country gent.  I also ensured that I would not be so predictable as to wear a flat cap.  I have a  nice brown corduroy Ringspun blazer which I hadn’t featured on this website and I knew my green jeans would work well with the tweed blazer.  However, for some reason I decided to ditch the Wellington boots and was slightly lost as to how I could make this idea look stylish and contemporary whilst capturing a sense of Britishness.

It suddenly dawned upon me that I needed to get a pair of shooting stockings with garters (the long shooting socks with tassels you see below).  I thought this was an excellent idea because nothing says English Gent more than Tassels of some form or another.  This time it was to be the stockings.  I made a few alterations to my blazer and awaited the delivery of my stockings (actually, from now on I feel more comfortable calling them socks) and I knew that the burgundy and marigold colours would automatically work well with the autumn colours I had in mind.   View for yourself:



A True Gent


Let’s Go For A Country Walk


TSMG Looking Like Old Money


Check Out My Tassels!


Where Did I Put My Gun?




I went shopping around the West End and to Harrods and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and this look was really well received.  In fact, the first compliment I received was from a gentleman (most certainly from a higher socio-economic ranking than me) who commented on my wonderful stockings – hence my feeling uncomfortable with that term.  After this however I received great reviews from younger men and women admiring my sense of style.  My good friend, bespoke accessory designer, Alan Hayden of http://www.alanhayden.co.uk/ (check out his great website) was especially impressed with this look.  I hope you enjoyed this look as much as me…I will certainly build this look into my wardrobe and wear it again very soon.

Here’s What I’m Wearing:


Trousers: Green Trousers by Top Man

Blazer: Brown Corduroy Blazer (with elbow patches) by Ringspun

Shirt: Blue St James Collar by TM Lewin

Necktie: Skinny floral Necktie by Top Man

Stockings: Shooting Socks / Stockings with Garters by Jack Pyke

Sunglasses: 5701 by Boeing

Shoes: Sovereign Loafers by Church’s

Watches (x2): Brown and Gold by U-Boat, Pink Plastic Watch by Champion

Bracelets: Various Bracelets by Top Man



So what do you think about what The Stylish Mr Gordon is wearing?  Overrated or worthy of praise? Leave a comment on this or anything you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.


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    awesome sauce! loves and do it!

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