A Real Country Gent

On August 27, 2012 by Stylish Mr Gordon

2012 has been an eventful year for many reasons, but TSMG is happy to be taking photographs to display on my website again.  I wore a green pair of trousers and Wellington boots some time ago and decided that this look would be the inspiration for my next photo-shoot: A country gent.  I’ve decided not to wear the boots on this occassion, but hopefully I’ve managed to pull off the look I had in mind


Dressed T the T for Tassel


The inspiration for this photo-shoot was to bring about a contemporary version of a country gent.  I also ensured that I would not be so predictable as to wear a flat cap.  I have a  nice brown corduroy Ringspun blazer which I hadn’t featured on this website and I knew my green jeans would work well with the tweed blazer.  However, for some reason I decided to ditch the Wellington boots and was slightly lost as to how I could make this idea look stylish and contemporary whilst capturing a sense of Britishness.

It suddenly dawned upon me that I needed to get a pair of shooting stockings with garters (the long shooting socks with tassels you see below).  I thought this was an excellent idea because nothing says English Gent more than Tassels of some form or another.  This time it was to be the stockings.  I made a few alterations to my blazer and awaited the delivery of my stockings (actually, from now on I feel more comfortable calling them socks) and I knew that the burgundy and marigold colours would automatically work well with the autumn colours I had in mind.   View for yourself:



A True Gent


Let's Go For A Country Walk


TSMG Looking Like Old Money


Check Out My Tassels!


Where Did I Put My Gun?




I went shopping around the West End and to Harrods and Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and this look was really well received.  In fact, the first compliment I received was from a gentleman (most certainly from a higher socio-economic ranking than me) who commented on my wonderful stockings – hence my feeling uncomfortable with that term.  After this however I received great reviews from younger men and women admiring my sense of style.  My good friend, bespoke accessory designer, Alan Hayden of http://www.alanhayden.co.uk/ (check out his great website) was especially impressed with this look.  I hope you enjoyed this look as much as me…I will certainly build this look into my wardrobe and wear it again very soon.

Here’s What I’m Wearing:


Trousers: Green Trousers by Top Man

Blazer: Brown Corduroy Blazer (with elbow patches) by Ringspun

Shirt: Blue St James Collar by TM Lewin

Necktie: Skinny floral Necktie by Top Man

Stockings: Shooting Socks / Stockings with Garters by Jack Pyke

Sunglasses: 5701 by Boeing

Shoes: Sovereign Loafers by Church’s

Watches (x2): Brown and Gold by U-Boat, Pink Plastic Watch by Champion

Bracelets: Various Bracelets by Top Man



So what do you think about what The Stylish Mr Gordon is wearing?  Overrated or worthy of praise? Leave a comment on this or anything you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.


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