He’s So Damn (Butter)Fly!

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you.  But TSMG is back with a brand new invention.  Okay, enough of me recycling bits of Aaliyah and Vanilla Ice lyrics.  If you are new here, then thanks for joining me.

I was recently in Geneva visiting the United Nations as well as meeting with several diplomats including His Excellency Wayne McCook aka Jamaica Ambassador to UN, Geneva.  The affair was very formal and as a result I was mainly wearing suits – which was totally befitting of my visit.  A great many of my peers had only seen me wearing formal attire in the past.  On one of the free evenings I had an opportunity to wear more relaxed clothing – which was very well received.

Then on a brisk Sunday afternoon in the aptly named Gordon Square in Bloomsbury, London, I took these photos to recreate the look which was appreciated in Geneva.


The Butterfly Print Shirt!


If you are an ardent follower of www.thestylishmrgordon.com you will be aware that I dress the way I like, regardless of what others think.   There aren’t too many straight guys who would attempt to pull of a butterfly print shirt in the way which I’ve done.  But I’m me, so I dress like me and I “Let the others dress like the others” – incidentally, this is my new motto for 2013 and beyond.


I Don’t Mean To Brag…


But please pay attention to the details displayed in these photos.  My Orange Aztec print socks from asos.com compliment my trousers.  The Brown horses on the pocket square bodes well with the brown of my blazer.  Then there’s the unusual print of my bag and my always-popular silver sun badge.  I tell many admirers of my style that its the little details which separate the boys from the men.  After all, anyone can potentially buy a suit or a pair of jeans and sports jacket, but it’s the small details which ultimately leave the lasting impressions.

I hope you enjoy these pictures below.



The Butterfly Shirt



Check Out My Socks



Butterflies vs Horses



Spec-tacular in My Dunhill’s



When You’ve Got It…



Mr Gordon in Gordon Square, London



With The Burgundy Velvet Loafers



Man’s Best Friend?


Here’s What I’m Wearing


Trousers: Orange Carrot-Fit by Topman

Blazer: Brown Corduroy Blazer by Ringspun

Shirt: Butterfly Print by Topman

Sunglasses: 5701 by Boeing

Laptop Case: Aztec Print by Topman

Watches: (x2) Brown and Gold by U-Boat, Yellow Plastic Watch by Prince London

Shoes: Church’s Burgundy Sovereign Loafers / House Shoes

Pocket Square: Vintage with Horse Print (unknown)




So what do you think about what The Stylish Mr Gordon is wearing? Overrated or worthy of praise? Leave a comment on this or anything you’d like to add. We’d love to hear your view.



5 responses to “He’s So Damn (Butter)Fly!”

  1. Shulamit says:

    Looking fit mate! 🙂 Love the combo of colors and prints 🙂

    • stylishmrgordon says:

      @Shulamit It’s always a pleasure knowing that others respect and appreciate my brand of style.  I thank you for your comments, stay tuned.

  2. tashnat15 says:

    You looked extremely handsome, i love the colour combination just love everything you wore.

    • stylishmrgordon says:

      @tashnat15 Well thank you very much for the compliment.  It’s all down to the clothes and a good photographer LOL

  3. Kimberly iJi says:

    Love your style, its very original. Would love to see more. Keep it up!

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