Salute Le Boot

I fondly remember the early 1990’s as a time when I was experimenting with baggy pants, silk jackets and being the first to wear Patrick Ewing trainers to my school in south London.  However, I will never forget a crazy faze where stylish London teenage boys were captivated by Clarks Original Desert boots.  With its popularity again on the rise the desert boot trend is not to be missed in 2012.

These suede boots were so popular back in the early 90’s that yours truly had three pairs at the time.  In fact I wore more than one colour at a time.  Wearing one red desert boot and one black desert boot (or olive depending on my mood) showed the other kids you were not working-class.  I hoped that such dillusions of grandeur would prove to my peers that I was at the very least a trendsetter in the making.



Clarks Original Desert Boots: Green



A Military History


During a visit to Burma Nathan Clark noticed the officers in the Eighth Army had discovered that these tidy boots were hard-wearing and durable, but also light weight and very comfortable. Clark found that the boots were being made and sold in the bazaars in Cairo.  Upon his return to England, Clark recreated the shoe (Clarks Original Desert Boot) and it has gone on to receive icon status ever since – for this reason we salute it.


Spring Marches In


With spring marching in now is the perfect time to wear such a comfortble and relaxed shoe.  The Clarks Original Desert boot perfectly fits the bill, especialy with spring / summer friendly fabrics such as suede and an ever increasing assortment of colours and prints.



Clarks Original Desert Boots: Lilac


How to Wear


Clarks Original Desert boot are very practical and can be worn with almost any outfit.  Some argue that the desert boot can be worn with a suit.  These supporters feel that a great composition is struck between the  the formal suit against and the casual dessert boot.  Personally, I feel the desert boot looks best with rolled-up slightly loose jeans or chinos baring one’s ankles.



Clarks Original Desert Boots With Rolled-Up Trousers



I Almost Forgot The Ladies


Clarks Original Dessert boots, with its military association, has always been a boot aimed at the chaps.  However, in recent years Clarks have ensured they have made some feminine prints.  Here are a few which we liked:



Clarks Original Desert Boots For Women




So what do you think about the Desert Boot trend?  Have you ever worn any Desert Boots?  Do you think this trend is overrated or worthy of praise?  Leave a comment on this or anything else you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.

3 responses to “Salute Le Boot”

  1. lordashbury says:

    These boots are effing fantastic. 

  2. fashionstreetbr says:

    OMG! What a pretty boots! Love then! =~

  3. […] When it comes to wearing desert boots with a suit, one thing I would recommend is making sure you pair your neutral-coloured desert boots with a neutral-coloured business ensemble. Because the contrast between the casual nature of the shoes and the business-ready, more formal nature of the suit is naturally evident, there’s no point really emphasizing it further with an excessive contrast between colours. Accordingly, for this summer, if you’re looking for a classic desert boot in neutral hues of taupe and beige, I would strongly suggest pairing that model with a light summer suit of the same colour. Another benefit of wearing desert boots with a suit is that they have the potential to tone down the formality of any suit, while still ensuring the entire outfit is still business appropriate. This classic look was notably very popular during the Mod-era of the 50s and 60s, where men in London were often seen wearing desert boots with sleek suits. As discussed on The Stylish Mr. Gordon, though to this day desert boots are still normally seen paired with a casual pair of cuffed jeans, “the supporters [of desert boots] feel that a great composition is struck between the  the f… […]

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