All Choked Up

Just days into a new year and we already have a brand new...erm... 'trend'. Okay, perhaps I've jumped the gun a little [...]

The Bra Top Trend

There has been so much talk lately about bras.  Just a couple of days ago there was the discovery of several medieval [...]

Salute Le Boot

I fondly remember the early 1990's as a time when I was experimenting with baggy pants, silk jackets and being the [...]

Me Likes Ladylike

Roll over 2012 the 50's are back !  As we tip-toe into spring, after the long winter, we prepare ourselves for the [...]

Racey Lacey

If you live on planet Earth chances are you could not help but see the Royal Wedding on 29th April 2011 between Prince [...]

Cobalt Revolt

The Cobalt Blue Fashion Trend is currently infiltrating retail stores in abundance and seen on just about every [...]

In The Mood For A Snood

You don’t have to be an ardent follower of fashion to have noticed that with winter in full swing there seems to be [...]

Boy Meets Girl

You may have thought this trend dead went out in the 80’s, but as we know fashion constantly looks back to the past [...]

Red Hot In A Cold Winter

A little birdie told us here at that Red will be a hot fashion trend for AW11.  Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, [...]

Men in Mirts

Robing Hood: Men in Tights was supposed to be a spoof of the Robin Hood films.  However, several recent fashion [...]

Fabulous Fur

We are now in September 2011 and though we are enjoying an Indian Summer in the UK, well London, it is my duty to tell [...]

Flower Power 2011

A look in any high street store at the moment and you will probably realise that the floral print is most certainly is [...]

Go Geisha and Get It On

The Stylish Mr Gordon has noticed a number of women rocking the bun hairdo this summer.   The forerunner at the moment [...]