Salute Le Boot

I fondly remember the early 1990's as a time when I was experimenting with baggy pants, silk jackets and being the [...]

Clive Burgundy Loafers

I recently bought a pair of men's designer brogues or more precisely; Clive tassel brogue-inspired loafers by [...]

Tee Off In Prada

Fellas, if you have been looking for just the shoe to make a statement in 2012 then these designer Prada brogues may [...]

Diamonds Are Forever

I spotted some very “Bling” Black high-heel Primark shoes and had to make a quick post about them.  When you think [...]

Guys Go Ga Ga

I always feel like a celeb when I step outdoors with my bombastic, fantastic, Plastic Vivienne Westwood Tassel Loafers. [...]

Vixens Wear Hetty!!

It is now 01:47am on an early Monday morning in July in a cold part of South West London and I feel the need to tell [...]

What is that, velvet?

Church's Sovereign Slipper

The Stylish Mr Gordon is here to talk slippers...velvet slippers as it goes. I recently bought my black velvet [...]

Shoes Not For The Fainthearted

I recently bought some new Stylish bright Loafers from Ebay recently.  Initially I was disappointed that I could [...]