Big Pimpin

On a sunny day in May, I thought it was finally time to show the world (well, my small circle of friends and well-wishers) my first fully bespoke suit, made by none other than yours truly. With the sun shinning, it was an excellent opportunity to head over to swanky Brick Lane in East London for my latest photo shoot.

A few months back I came across some fantastic material in a small shop in Soho. Instantly, I felt that the alluring orange and teal check wool would make an excellent one of a kind suit. I hastily bought the fabric and set about sparing no detail of the design of my suit. From the horn buttons to the Tom Ford-esque peak lapel or the functional cuffs to the inclusion of a ticket pocket, this suit was filled with devilishly large amounts of details.












Why Go Bespoke?

In my opinion, a bespoke suit is a very special thing which every gent (or woman for that matter) ought to own, at least once in their lifetime.  At its very core, a bespoke suit for us fellas is the equivalent to a woman’s prom dress or wedding gown—its an emotional investment filled with excitement and optimism. And if nothing more, the thrill and anticipation of owning a one of a kind item should be reason enough to go bespoke.

Now, I’m not talking about spending thousands of [insert your currency here] but there’s no greater feeling than having a suit made from scratch, especially when it is not ridiculously outside the realms of attainability. Thus, nowadays one can go big pimpin without having to pimp big. So, if you get stuck, or want a bespoke suit made get in touch with me



Here’s What I’m Wearing

Suit: Orange and Teal Check (Nigel Gordon)

Shirt: White Shirt (TM Lewin)

Necktie: (TM Lewin)

Shoes: Burgundy Velvet Crown Loafers (Church’s)

Watches: Teal (Swatch) and Coral (Diesel)

Sunglasses: 714 Light Havana Steve McQueen (Persol)

Lapel Flower: (River Island)

Hat: (Cappello Di Lusso)


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  1. yay! you are back. Love that Orange and Teal as well!

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