Clive Burgundy Loafers

On February 19, 2012 by Stylish Mr Gordon

I recently bought a pair of men’s designer brogues or more precisely; Clive tassel brogue-inspired loafers by Barker.  I don’t normally do brogues, but I do love loafers.  Another thing to mention is that I rarely buy brown shoes because of the old rule: No Brown in Town! – I’ll go into detail about that at a later date.   However, for now let’s appreciate these Burgundy beauties.

What I loved about these Barker loafers is the colour: they are a fantastic shade of polished burgundy.  Combine this with the fact that they have tassels…well I just had to get them and in the words of Mister Kanye West - À la touch the sky:

Damn, Them New Loafers Hurt My Pocket!


Barker Clive Tassel Loafers

So what do you think of these Barker burgundy tassel loafers?  Overrated or worthy of praise? Leave a comment on this or anything you’d like to add.  We’d love to hear your view.

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