My name is Nigel Gordon and I am a fan of style. I have been called debonnair, suave and sophisticated. I started this website to impart my knowledge to the world and really because in some circles people believe I have a natural knack of style and sartorial elegance and so my ego told me to make this site. I am not into big labels and prefer to wear something which is different but inexpensive.

TSMG 2011

For many years now, even as a young stylish mister Gordon, I would wear clothes which were a little different to the norm. I don’t think I wore anything which was deliberately attention-seeking but regardless people would always pass comments on what I was wearing and mostly the feedback was positive.

Back In The Days

Looking back now I guess I was always stylish. I have even attached this picture here to prove the young Stylish Mr Gordon used to rock suits back in the days. Yep I sure was power-dressing at a young age folks…I was a Blake Carrington in the making (you younger fashionista’s will probable have to Google that).


Young TSMG, aged 7 or 8 years old

I used to also rock tailor-made versions of the Clique suit, which was big back in the days in the UK.  I used to love bleached jeans and made a few pairs of these myself.

Fashion Nightmare

Hmmmm I remember that I bought a pair or electric blue jeans from either Top Man or Mister Byright in Oxford Street, London.  Now I know electric blue sounds a little OTT but I liked them.  I was with my friends Victor and Chris and they also liked the jeans.  They may tell a different version of this story, but I am certain I spotted the jeans first.  Well as they liked them also they too ended up buying these electric blue jeans. The nightmare came when we all rolled up into college(South Thames, Putney)  wearing the said electric blue jeans. We looked like the Temptations or New Edition – but we didn’t get the groupie love!!

My Love of Shoes

I didn’t realise that I had a love of shoes until recently. Shoes are an item which women often use to judge a good man and now that I think about it. I have always worn some decent shoes. I will mention a few shoes which I particularly liked.

Brown Tweed shoes by Paolo Vandini – Tweed shoes….who knew!!

Black Plastic Tassel Loafers by Vivienne Westwood– These cost me £125 and that was the first time I spend so much on shoes Sovereign Slippers by Church’s – These cost £110 and I feel princely wearing these

TM Lewin

Working for TM Lewin taught me more about the art of men’s suiting and of course the need for a good tailor. I learnt how to dress and style people here and was able to get very good discounts on their suits as a benefit of being an employee.

Move Over Gok Wan

Its official I think we are now ready for a dark, straight, stylish black man to enter the industry. I was rushing out to work the other day and I couldn’t find my house keys. Under the sofa I found a hair clip in the shape of a black rose belonging to my daughter. I thought this would look really good pinned on to my blazer lapel and the accessorizing would make even Gok Wan proud. I put it on, found my keys and stepped out. Well throughout the day I received a load of comments.

So What’s My Style?

I guess it is anything I want it to be without screaming out “Look at me”. It is always affordable because as much as I love fashion / style I am not yet making the paper to act a fool. I am just able to wear things in a way which others have always said is different, but stylish.