Book Review: How Much Land Does A Man Need?

By Leo Tolstoy Published by Penguin Books ISBN 978-0-14-139774-0 Price £1

All Choked Up

Just days into a new year and we already have a brand new...erm... 'trend'. Okay, perhaps I've jumped the gun a little [...]

Big Pimpin

On a sunny day in May, I thought it was finally time to show the world (well, my small circle of friends and [...]

Salute Le Boot

I fondly remember the early 1990's as a time when I was experimenting with baggy pants, silk jackets and being the [...]

Tee Off In Prada

Fellas, if you have been looking for just the shoe to make a statement in 2012 then these designer Prada brogues may [...]

In The Mood For A Snood

You don’t have to be an ardent follower of fashion to have noticed that with winter in full swing there seems to be [...]

Technicoloured Dreamcoats

It's that time of year when the clocks have been set back an hour, leaves have turned golden brown and huge gusts of [...]

Men in Mirts

Robing Hood: Men in Tights was supposed to be a spoof of the Robin Hood films.  However, several recent fashion [...]

Berry Gordy? Maybe

With men's fashion taking the plunge into playing with colours  The Stylish Mr Gordon decided to demonstrate how men [...]